Friday, August 14, 2009

Roleplaying in the Spiral...

Greetings my wizard friends,

The other day, I was strolling in Krokotopia and I was looking at the wizards interacting there and kept thinking... Is there anyone who roleplays in the Spiral? I have tried a few times to do so but it seems the other wizards just did not understand what I was doing and thought I was just plain wierd. *smiles*

I know this game is geared towards a younger audience but I was still hoping somehow I would find someone that would be willing to RP their character and have some kind of story-driven chat. I love writing stories and making my various characters alive with backgrounds to flesh them out. I like to find motivations as to why they are who they are (Ok, I have been tabletop roleplaying for almost 20 years now, so it helps). It just makes the game much more enjoyable for me.

So... who is up to it? *winks*

As you all know, Oran is a healer and I hope to start crafting with him soon (Since this is another thing I enjoy doing in MMOs). He is kind-hearted and who go out on a limb to help anyone in need. But why? Why is he the way he is now?

That is something you will have to stay tuned to find out ;)

Until then... Merry Travels in the Spiral!

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